“Graduated from European Academy of Arts in Warsaw from a graphics department in the atelier of graphic workshop techniques (M.A diploma 2007) and from Artesis Royal Conservatory in Antwerp, dance department (B.A diploma in 2010). My hometown is Warsaw, Poland, but since years I’m living and working in Antwerp. I’m working as a freelance dancer ant teacher participating in different projects and developing my own choreographic work.

I work in the field of contemporary dance as well as photography, drawing, painting. In my work I’m interested in mixing different art techniques and styles and observing their connections and influences. My biggest passion is dance, but since years I’m busy with visual arts as well. In my creation I’m interested in dynamics, movement and changes and developing my own movement language based on phisical techniques I’ve studied.

The combination of phisical dancing and use of theatrical means of expression to build stage personalities, and critical approach on social and philosophical issues is what really interests me in dance performance. I’m interested in collaboration with artists from other disciplines(music, fashion video, visual arts, theatre) to create a dance performance or a video, anything what can enrich my vision for dance and show another aspects of it.

birthbirdbabyblue from marta kosieradzka on Vimeo.

Marta Kosieradzka