Handful of dust door Marta Kosieradzka, Rui Salgado & Vincent Pieraerd

Dance: Marta Kosieradzka Music/voice/double base: Rui Salgado Video: Vincent Pieraerd

Video impression based on a dance/music performance. The project is inspired by the painting ‘’Little girl with a dead bird’’ of the unknown author from the collection of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels. The little girl from the picture brings the assiociation with a feeling of loss, longing for something and loneliness of the girl who just lost her playmate. That’s why we assiociated it with the portugese music fado, which origins also lay in melancholic feelings, life of the poor and longing for something. The music is usually linked to the portugese word ‘saudade’ which symbolizes a permanent, irreparable loss and its consequent life lasting damage.

In the project we want to research and take a closer look at fado, it’s many faces and characteristics. Not only the sad, melancholic one, but also a more playfull side of it which brings us again to the painting and to the naivity and childness of a girl who was put, maybe for the first time, face to face with the fact of death and loosing someone forever.

The dance is inspired by the feeling and rhythm of fado and also by characteristics and expression of the fado female singers, their body language that is so far from the static and cold expression of the girl with a bird, yet bringing up similar emotions.

In the picture as well as in the music cruelty and deep dark emotions are mixed with the softness and playfulness of a child, we want to bring this feeling to the dance/live music, partly improvised, performance.

Handful of dust